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Paul Wootton

Vocals | Guitar | Songwriter

 Paul is one of the founding members of LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS. He's a veteran member of the Hamilton and London Ontario music scenes including the pioneering punk band Sinners & roots band The Crawlin' Kingsnakes before the MOJOS. Mid 60's rhythm'n'blues has been an influence on him for most of his life. Paul is the primary songwriter and combines with Stephen to co-write material.

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Stone Cold Groovers_edited.jpg

Stone Cold Groovers-2021

Stephen Foster

Guitar | Vocals | Songwriter

 Stephen is one of the founding member of

LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS and is a veteran on the Hamilton music scene stretching back into the 1980's. He's an accomplished lead guitar player who also writes songs for the band as well as co-writing material with Paul. He has also been a member of The Crawlin' Kingsnakes & Simply Saucer. Stephen is also a sound engineer with his own recording studio and contributes and is responsible for the great recordings the band has made including Down'n'Dirty and the Maple Blues Awards album "Stone Cold Groovers".

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Robert Jarovi

Organ & Piano

 Robert is the Icing on the cake in the MOJOS. He's an extremely skilled Keyboard player who is always looking for expressive phasings to add to the LOWDOWN DIRTY MOJOS sound. His contribution to the band can be easy heard  on Down'n'DirtyStone Cold Groovers and the bands live sound. You can look forward to some dazzling Organ and Piano playing from him, both live and on their recordings.

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TLDM LP cover Bandcamp copy.jpg

Screamin' Hoodoo R'n'B-2019

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Kevin Christoff


 Kevin joined the MOJOS midway though 2022. He is a long time friend of the band and played on 2 tracks from their 1st. album "Screamin' Hoodoo R'n'B" and on 3 tracks on their Maple Blues Awards album "Stone Cold Groovers". Kevin is a veteran Hamilton musician. He is the original (and still is) the Bass player for Simple Saucer. Kevin & Claude combine for the 1st. time as the new rhythm section for the Lowdown Dirty Mojos. They are simply killer! 


Claude Desroches


 Claude is the newest member of the band joining the MOJOS in October of 2022, although he did play drums on three tracks from their 1st. album "Screamin' Hoodoo R'n'B" and has joined the band on a few shows over the last 3 years. He's a respected veteran Hamilton musician. An original member of The Shakers & Swampbusters and recently played drums on the "Dave Rave and the Second Responders" album

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